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Fires in Their Wake

The cover of Fires in Their Wake features a white subheading at the top reading "Wouldn't you like to be truly carefree." In orange and yellow ombre text is "Fires in Their Wake" sat on a cloud of white smoke. Sparks rise up from the smoke. A skyline of a city sits at the bottom in grey. "Faye Perez" sits at the bottom in orange and yellow ombre text.

In a world where happiness is custom manufactured and truth is suppressed, President Triton Nextulus reigns supreme. But when an unlikely group of criminals-an assassin, a jewel thief, two terrorists, and his own daughter-join forces, they discover how far the corruption truly goes. 

Forced to work together after a daring prison escape, this disparate group of misfits must unite against a common enemy. But that doesn’t mean they have to be friends. Can they overcome their differences in order to save society who doesn’t know it needs to be saved? 

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